Physical Story of ToW

November 12, 2009
Mark aka waykiwayki
Ah, so you clicked through….you must have too much time on your hands… 😉 usually I click through links out of interest, scroll down, see how long it is and calculate the time needed + energy needed versus what I may gain,….this all happens automatically in (sub) consciousness in about 1000th of a second….amazing huh?

This is really just to explain a little about how the book came about…physically, not least so that I can recall the story, locations, and associated events for myself, and also to ease any trepidation of any potential readers who wish to know more.

So after quitting career mode so that the soul could get a glimpse at this carnation, I started doing meditation (theta technology to begin with) whilst travelling…..this created some experiences for sure, and then synchronicities opened up. At this time I started looking deeply into the global “conspiracy” and “truth” via alternative media; reality, ancient civs, history, banks, wars, media, and all the other stones that I felt needed need uncovering.

One stone I uncovered was the maya, and whilst studying this pebble everywhere I went (in Valencia at the time) displaYed and shouted, maya, maya, maya…the synchronisities spun up so very hot that I packed all I had into one bag and flew one way to Mexico to study the maya more, and partake in a lone maya site pilgrimage.

Then things really heated up, the synchros gabbed me like a 1950’s teacher grabs a naughty schoolboy by the ear, and I ended up at a mystery school where a 1 month hermetic process cumulated in an ‘experience’ where I saw the idea and framework for Wayki Wayki (LINK). What? Me, write? I was thrown out of my English classes more than I was in them…what a strange notion…..but I did have lots of research on my “falling apart” laptop, and so set about writing.

Off to India I went to write Wayki Wayki, because as one may know – creativity and living in the western world don’t really go hand in hand….Milton Keynes high street is hardly a muse for inspired literature – not that I ever lived there, it’s just that all high streets and towns in England are the same. Its like a copy and paste gone all wrong – a key is stuck down or something.

In India I was still seeking, and soaking up information like a sheep soaks up celebrity news, and I learnt much more about eastern philosophy, history, and esoterica. I spent time alone with yogis and monks, and travelled mainly alone away from the gangs of the hip, the cool, the evolved, the naive, the colourful, and the troublesome.

In India, Wayki Wayki had a flow all unto itself and I just hung on for the ride, and 6 months into my adventure I knew I had to return to the mystery school in Central America (ouch, if only these ‘signs’ would of paid for all these air fares)….i stopped on route in the UK just long enough to take in some shamanic experiences and launch Wayki Wayki free online.


Back at the mystery school I started a deeper process that would start on the equinox and finish on the solstice.  After the research and writing of Wayki Wayki I knew that much of society had been a big lie, that my beliefs had been implanted, and what was deemed successful was not correct. I seeked more truth, and my line of research told me that high mysticism was where I could find more answers to my burning questions.

My time at the mystery school was summarised in part in an earlier blog here.

The whole area was magical too, there was a lake overlooked by volcano’s, and floral beauty everywhere, and I was also living in a pyramid.  But the real beauty was an internal one, one that unravelled as the secrets and fruits within the Tree of Life, and the hunt for the tincture for the philosophers stone all took on their vibration and shape.

At the end of the process (my silence went on for 55 days), a photo was taken of me, some orbs seemed to of hung around for the ride it seemed…..or some light reflected in the lens one may say……but zoom onto the Yantra if you think this.

The next few weeks I spent near to the mystery school doing more silent retreats deep within the Qabalah, and having more shamanic experiences.
It was in the long silence where I got the title and idea for ToW in a very extraordinary way, and at was a this time I started to structure the outline (Jan 2009).

I was then soon offered time with someone up a volcano, to do a 100 day hermetic process based upon the Emerald Tablet.  This was perfect I thought, I could write my new book while I did the 50 days theory before yet another 50 day practical in silence.

Just before the practical silence some masked men came in and stole all I had, guns to my head and knives to my throat was a new experience, and though I asked them to leave me some of my files for ToW 100 pages in, they declined in a most aggressive manner. In this I was not scared nor felt fear…it was just an external event.

I sat there the following days with nothing, and a dream involving one of the Qablistic archetypes came and told me to surrender, I did, and soon after I felt the vibration of liberation like never before.  I had nothing, I became nothing, I was ready….I understood.

The process was amazing, and totally blew me away, it was really an ancient Merkavah process but using deep Qabalah, the Emerald Tablet, and quantum physics all as rocket fuel.  There is so much to tell, but this is not for here as this is just the physical story of the book and related physical events.

After this process I went to Guatemala city and all I could feel was how low humanity had fallen – people were all hunting for boosts to their ego, all upon a flatline drone of survival, escapism, and ignorance.  I could feel the corporations seeping into the masses subconscious mind and controlling them.  I felt sick.

After some more shamanic and mystery school induced experiences (separately), I left Guatemala to write my book.

Syncros took me to a farmhouse in Mallorca, where I went through the notes from my experiences and wrote for months on end in near solitude.  One time there was snow outside and my whole in the wall as a window bothered me not – I just kept hitting the keys on the laptop.

Upon completion I was about to place the book online free when I had an experience with a giant. I sat upon his shoulder as he walked quickly in his large strides….he told me that I should get the book published as I would cover more ground – just like he does when he walks. 1 hour after emailing some publishers at random the perfect publisher came along. With this also came permission from amazing artists from nowhere to use their work to contribute to ToW.


I recently moved high up a mountain to live sustainably in a yurt and tipi near fresh clean water.  I just cannot and will not live within an archaic system built upon mistrust and greed that is on its last legs.  The place is magical and a real gift, and it is here I will find the clarity away from the crazy “norms” in this reality to write more…..if only for myself 🙂

I hope you enjoy the book, it really does contain some real gold, and I feel very grateful for being able to have collected, collated, and passed some of the information on.

love and respect,