biotech and nanotech in disguise….

December 22, 2011
Mark aka waykiwayki

hi all,

Just a quick one as felt compelled to warn of a slimy cretin or two…..

This guy below, CEO of Nanoholdings, does talks here and there promoting biotech and nanotech – with the PR spin to dangle the carrots of:  we can soon cure disease, we can soon have free energy, we will enhance things, we will have cool tech.  La-dee-da, twirly spin.

Most are falling for it, but some know that for one, in a “controlled economic downfall” billions of euros and dollars are still finding their way to fund biotech and nanotech labs.    Two, disease cures are suppressed and free energy is suppressed.

Here is the guy, and check for the subliminal’s at 6.36 and 7.19, then the heart warming end scene……cue standing ovation from those who will one day be queuing up for chips, and not the kind you stick sauce on 😉   

They even think artificially extended life by GM and nanobots is a given that people would want.   This is another science PR slimer, whom probably has hobbies and a social life that would scare the most solid of us.  The vids starts off with nutrition then in just five minutes ends up with uploading a mind to a computer, and freezing yourself when dead for reactivation.   Red alert!

So what is the agenda of the slimy Transhumanists behind their PR frontmen ex-estate agents?     A good start is here, here, and here, then follow your nose.    Even channel 4 let something slip through the net (and ep3) this week – very strange for me personally as these two episodes contain elements I have been writing about in my new book that is about 30% through.

Remember, big pharma, military, biotech, and nanotech all sit cosied up in one egg, next to other eggs, and we all know who the mother hen is…..the psychopathic, little bit too greedy for the planet, and soon to disappear into folk lore, Illuminati.  Who create the issues evident at the end of this short clip.

Watch for the signs, and enjoy renew time, especially for northern hemisphere winter warriors 😉