Day 3 Worldwide Lockdown.

March 18, 2020
Mark aka waykiwayki

It’s ramping up and most of EU is now in home lockdown and unable to fly out.
Live streamed funerals incoming. Government-backed loans worth £330bn (33).
UK new laws -The Coronavirus Bill – Allowing police and immigration officers to support and enforce public health measures, including powers to detain people and put them in appropriate isolation facilities.
The MSM is now talking all the time about “the months ahead.”

Ask yourself why don’t airports test people before flying – they test all bags for weapons – so why not test humans for a virus -to stop all flight travel is nonsense and shows something else is going on…..something BIG.

Vaccine now seen as the key back to normal life.
In Turkey, 19 people have been detained for making ““unfounded and provocative” posts on social media about the government’s handling of the outbreak.” Well they will have to try and find me and that won’t be so easy for them.
Top story is how to keep your smartphone clean…so they have a clearer way of blasting ur energy. Only affected are old people with bad health and it’s not really contagious at all (EMF).
The book 1984 looks like a holiday compared to this current reality for many.

waykiwayki advisories: Get with your crew – meet up with like minded people / loved ones often, in numbers u r stronger. Get powders like wheatgrass and sprouted rice while supply chain is still alive….u can live on these easily and healthily. Do the opposite of the herd.
So many mocked me over the years for saying publicly this is coming…….so sad.
Many did get the call tho, and dropped everything and are out of the west in nature in freedom – u know who u are.

In my TOW book from 12 years ago, I wrote about this time – and when it looks darkest – something beautiful will come – the elite won’t have it all their way. In just two weeks if this carries on everyone will know much of this is about elite agenda. This could all just be a 2 month gig so they can install and test the 5g…….keep this in mind.

Hold Steady… 2025 things will look so different. Don’t trust anything the government, who, or mainstream media say – they were each corrupted decades ago.