Healing broken Femur bone. Healing broken leg.

February 14, 2021
Mark aka waykiwayki

Healing Broken Femur Bone. Healing Broken Leg Hi all,

I found a great way for speeding up the healing of bones –  naturally….and want to share as there’s not much online. 
My bone break was known as a “bad one” – top of the femur….3 permanent metals. 


After 8 weeks I was walking (gingerly due to muscles still needing some strength and motion) – but the bone was healed. Experts state 10-13 weeks for the bone to heal – and before being able to walk – and I was 46 years old when this happened.

Here are some concise tricks and tips: 

Get on the morphine and painkillers for the first 5-7 days – all good – go to unicorn land. Wait till sunset and go big on the Morphine – enjoy. Ok – this stuff is all addictive and messes up the way you goto toilet etc – not good long term – don’t go into the 8th day as addiction will increase. 
Get yourself out of hospital asap as the food and energy is all bad. 2nd day after operation is all good. 
Amla Powder, comfry tablets, nettle root powder, vitamins K and D, nerve healing herbs, you want to get on all this asap – big doses – twice a day. Keep this all going for the coming weeks (do your own research on the goodness this gives to bones / post operations). 
You want an acupuncturist that has the electric machine with different frequency control for up to 6 channels /pins. This will create spasms like crazy on week 1. You want this every 4 days or so – once a week is good too. This will speed up the healing so much. 

 No sugar, cigarettes, booze, or caffeine at all for the coming weeks. 
Now you are home – come off ALL the painkillers – and vape weed – use an oven style vaporiser like the Pax 2. Vape away as much as you like – low temp is more CDP, high temp is more THC….fill your boots. 
 You will wake up in the night in pain – vape.  Cook lightly some weed in coconut oil – 30mins – stir constantly – no spit or boiling – put into glass jar – 1 tablespoon often will give your body much calmness – your body has CBD receptors and this is great for evenings before sleep. Be smart – super skunk not the wisest thing to do. 
 Arnica cream on the op cut areas you want to start putting on often – as after 7 days it’s wise to redress the wound. Keep this going for the coming weeks. 
Start some light exercises – next to no weight or pressure yet – just twice a day some light stretches. Keep this going for the coming weeks. 
Now you are home in a rhythm – eat lots of fruit n veg, almonds, and lots of organic chicken and fish. Bones – you want to eat bones so broths very good.  You want high calories, but once every 5 days or so – just go light and on fruit n veg to give the body a break and cleanse.  Wheatgrass juice first thing in the morning good too.  
Do guided meditations / frequency healing etc for bones and nerves etc from Youtube. Stay positive – you’ve been gifted some down time – relax – contemplate – know the self. Gently learn something or watch a series – relax. Pick a healing deity and know it well. 
Bones in the Chinese system are Water Element – so Kidneys -get on kidney tonics, teas, and/or kidney cleanse herbs – give your kidneys love – it is kind of esoteric, but it WILL help. Keep this going for coming weeks. 

Calm down the vaping / weed….as we need some pain for feedback. 
In morning and evening massage your leg with coco oil and lavendar oil – it will calm – and use a muscle red heat lamp (£100 or so) after your massage – go gentle at first. 
Black Seed capsules add in too, and some Salmon oil. 
Start microdosing iboga too if you can. It will help you benefit this down time. 1 day on – 2 days off.
Keep all the items above going – we are layering up.  
WEEK 4  
Around here bring in an acupressure bodywork healer – it will help with surrounding muscles. Once a week you want this. A more gentle masseuse once a week can help too. You’re TensorFasciaLatae and Iliotibial Band muscles will need some love over the coming weeks and months for sure. 
You want to increase motion here – or your recovery time will be longer. Go easy tho – soft – but you want motion. 

WEEK 5/6/7 
Swimming / gentle walking on crutches / stretches / go out on crutches (with help). Slow and easy.  

You should be near good to go. Some muscle strength / motion / mobility will take longer – maybe months for full motion – but the bone should be good for weight now. You’re over the hill. Go slow – patience – listen to your body….but from here it’s all good. Swimming, Yin Yoga, and Block Therapy could be your friends for a while.  Come off the nettle powder maybe and lower the dosage of some of the goodies – use your intuition. 
Let me know how you are getting on.