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If you don’t care about truth, you simply don’t care about life.

– waykiwayki


Astrology Consultation

One on One Call (aka the apocalypse office)

 £75 for 50 minutes.  This service has received 100+ of these calls.  Anything from what’s going on in the world, future scenarios, navigation, cosmology, location, relationships, crisis, finance, path, potential, fears, and big decisions.  The answers are inside you,  and I can intuitively see things from other angles.

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Love comes naturally it requires no effort,

hate takes an endless effort of intent.

– waykiwayki


Mark was born in England and has lived in many different countries since his awakening.  In 2007 Mark left a 12-year career in industrial software and ended up spending years with some hermetic mystics, taking in some extreme experiences and upgrades.

Soon after it was living through shamanic medicinal, gnostic, and vedic rooted paths.

In this time the waykiwayki website, first blogs, and first book were all published.

YouTube and Google Search banned after 5 milion+ views

He then lived remote up a mountain, where more books were published, and then his first cosmology blogs and videos on youtube went viral.  After the undercover astrophysicist interview video went viral, he was removed from youtube and google and personal attack videos appeared.  Around this time he was stopped in multiple experiences in different countries by black Mercedes with guns pointed at him.  Also evidence of being tracked in some parts of Asia after many prophecies came to pass.

Since, more series’ and documentaries have been presented on the Odysee platform.

Mark has created three off-grid spaces stretching back to 2009.   Meditation, contemplation, qigong, nature, astrology, reading, theosophy, and downtempo organic-sacred music are prominent in his life.

Mark endorses works from people like Stuart Wilde, Franz Hartmann, Dion Fortune, and Julius Evola (all deceased).

Scorpio Sun/Mars/Venus – Gemini rising – Libra Mercury.   HD Projector 5/1 (Heretic Investigator).