Obama Initiated in London before False Flag terror.

May 25, 2011
Mark aka waykiwayki

Hi all,

For those who only know Obama through the mainstream media please see “The Obama Deception” for just a glimpse into his administration.

For those who do not know that the American revolution was controlled and orchistrated by the British oligarchy (with links to high level Freemasonry), or that the American financial institutions are mainly controlled by the British based oligarchy (mainly the Rothschilds based in the City of London), then my free Ebook Wayki Wayki will fill in some of the holes.

The whole Obama in London pomp was easy to see that he was “under the British oligarchy,”  especially at the Banquet where Jesuits and Bilderbergers et al met up to nosh tax payers funded grub.  I am even 100% sure his speech was supposed to be said during the “God Save the Queen” anthem to show his submission and allegiance, the story that this was a “gaff” allows the event to be exposed onto more media sources.  Also, why was his speech done in Westminster Hall, more of a religious temple than any sort of government building.

Each media shot is at this world level is very well prepared, and even the ping pong shots just throw into the subconscious, “they are on the same team,” and “batting on the same side.”

Now, let us look at the Rothchilds coat of Arms, noting that the Rothschild dynasty is based in the City of London and controls the world finance.

And now, let us look at the Royal Crown’s coat of arms.

Very similar…what a coincidence.

What does the French (think Templars 15th century) underneath mean, Dieu Et Mon Driot?   It means “The Divine Right of the Monarch to Govern” or “God and my right shall me defend.”

Now….drumroll….what do we see Obama and Cameron have in front of them when they are fooling the world’s TV slaves?
The Royal coat of arms! They are speaking under the control of the British oligarchy.  They even have a black one too….lovely.

This symbols is deeply esoteric and occult.

It shows a Lion’s head (alchemy, force, strong, kingly) wearing a Royal Crown, and on the opposite side it is a white unicorn with chains around its neck. This is implying that they are enslaving Aryan race and the rest of humanity.  There is much more too, any many interpretations…  

Revelation 13:2: 
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
and his feet were as the feet of a bear,
and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:
and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 

Obama also said on his visit in front of most of the elite that are based in Britain.
“Time for our leadership now” and “Our Nations are at a pivotal moment.”   Why?  False flag terror coming soon?
“Our fight is focused on defeating al-Qaeda and its extremist allies.”    al-Qaeda does not exist.
“The reason for this close friendship doesn’t just have to do with our shared history, our shared heritage, our ties of language and culture, OR EVEN the strong partnership between our governments.  Our relationship is special because of values and BELIEFS that have united our people through the AGES.”  Very Masonic and historically true.

As i said a couple of weeks ago, a false flag terror event is coming to the west, probably around the summer solstice…..and most will support the resulting attack on Pakistan and/or Iran through ignorance of truth, and apathy towards truth.




  1. su

    now would it not be dandy if mother nature cut in front of any false flag op.
    just ripped up the whole plan.

  2. Anonymous


    …"is the acquisition and exploitation of knowledge…from fire, religion, to splitting the atom, and witch craft, but I don't believe in witchcraft. Weaponized knowledge…".

    What is the aim of a king…to rule unrivaled (the ideal state of rule). This philosophy, once employed by royalty, is now utilized by nations. The aim of each is to increase their influence until they govern without rivalry, but by default they most often act as a check and balance system against other competitors exerting equal but opposite expansionary force. History is littered with the rise, fall, and balance of nations (European history is a great example), and the current world stage is no different.

    Until one nation ultimately rules everything, this philosophy will be the reason why the world cannot achieve peace. This is a warrior’s concept, and today’s strongest are the smartest. They seek peace of mind , which they would possess if competitors were eliminated, and work constantly to realize this end. Their goals are lofty as they aim to achieve the perfect form or highest level of an idea, called an ideal which in their case is unrivaled rule. Modern day management and governance is practice for future rule, not to bring about equality. It’s a means to an end, and, in the end, there is only one winner.

    There is a good chance that the eventual unrivaled ruler exists among one of today’s current superpowers. Humanity has reached a point of no return, where average citizens no longer have the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government by force (ex. the American or French revolution compared to the contemporary conflict in Syria). Crowd control measures and the increasing lethality of physical weaponry makes the extreme scenario of revolution, if ever deemed necessary, an impossibility and moves the state of unrivaled rule closer to reality.

    Nazi Germany was the last nation to aggressively push towards unrivaled rule (domination over the globe). Though their motives were immoral, today many nations passive aggressively employ the kings philosophy (in an amoral fashion) out of necessity…if they don’t, someone else will – feeling it would be better to rule than to be ruled. The question that lingers is if a nation can achieve global unrivaled rule even through good intentions, will their absolute power eventually corrupt absolutely? This question has heavy implications for the present and for future generations…our children.

    It takes time to condition yourself to see the world from this perspective (ex. The Lion in Winter), but I am not an advocate for and do not participate in the exploitation of others. New practitioners enter a deadly competition and are usually unaware of the peril until much later, if at all. They start at the bottom and will most likely stay there. Only mid to high level practitioners are aware; however, be aware that there are a lot of them. Most individuals won’t even have a chance to ascend unless they are born into an active clan. It is high stakes and cutthroat. Each brand has its own tradition and a vertical hierarchy structure, and these global brands often delineate along cultural lines. If you are an average citizen and benefit from one of these brands, it is only because you assist their cause in some way.

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