Blockchain Empowerment & Evolution

October 5, 2017
Mark aka waykiwayki

This is a new Crypto advice and mentoring service I am offering.   I already have helped over 10 people create and manage their own Crypto Portfolios, and shown them what to look out for and why.

Want to be your own bank?    Heard about Crypto Assets, but only know  of Bitcoin and “strange internet money?”   Well there’s a whole world of different blockchain tech and utility tokens now developed, invested, and traded.   Crypto Assets, Blockchain technologies, Utility Tokens, and Smart Contract are all Breakthrough Technology that can cut out middlemen and create a sharing community.   Be an early adopter, or at least find out what is going on.  For a free ten minute chat give me a call.  This is about decentralisation and what’s on the horizon.   It’s a passion, and I can help others.   See my crypto youtube channel, twitter, or website for more.

Note: I do not give financial advice – and none of this service constitutes financial advice.



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