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May 19, 2010
Mark aka waykiwayki

Hi all,
Today was going to be the day of the launch of the new book, but on one level it still is.

Last week (on the New Moon) I was offered a contract from a niche publisher in the United States, plus an offer from another larger publisher.  After much contemplation (in a Peruvian sort of way) I decided it was better for the book to be in the care of a new niche progressive publisher, a publisher that fits with my ethos and future.
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One quote from the publisher kindly said, “This is obviously a genuine work of inspiration and experiential knowledge. It is written at a high level.”

Therefore instead of launching the book today here, I instead signed the contract.  The book has a vibration and trajectory of its own, and certain signs and symbolism were also evident to guide the book this way.

This means that after taking a break I will be busy ironing out any copyright issues on images and fine tuning some sections before distribution to the physical outlets and web.

The publisher is very future and electronic minded; eBooks, Kindle downloads, and various multimedia will all be available along with the physical book.

For now, I can only share an overall summary regarding the book:
The book came about after spending time in a mystery school, then performing a 55 day silent fast in a pyramid, then being guided one on one through a 100 day merkaba process up a volcano, and also spending time with various shaman.

It looks at where the human species is now and where it is most probably headed, all upon an undercurrent of Hermetic, Alchemical, and Qabalistic thought, philosophy, and theosophy.  It looks at glitches in our reality and quantum truths as well as the hidden history of Hermetic thought weaving through history since ancient Egypt, symbolised in our modern day.  It covers the ancient science of raising vibration and awareness, how to tap into synchronicities, lucid dreams, and archetypes, and also how to “spin” using the depths of the vehicle of the Unwritten Qabalah.
It looks to the future times, and shows a clear route map for Merkaba Mysticism and how and why in the coming times this will be useful….and probably needed!

Overall it is about a truth based ancient path to self-hood via consciousness… the source of consciousness.  

I wish to apologise to those whom I guaranteed the book would be ready, and I hope you are able to understand.
Here is a small gift for now….a new way to read the ever popular Wayki Wayki.

With respect,

M x


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