Smartphone owners – hive mind RED ALERT

November 24, 2011
Mark aka waykiwayki

I am trying not to blog at the moment as trying to write a book, but need a gasket for something that is obviously in our faces but most are blind to it……and the misses can listen to only so much.

I was performing the rare experience of being in a shop, to get some batteries (ask yourself why this tech never progressed since the 80s) when I saw a group of kids being taught all about self service machines – I felt sick but managed to take a photo (and did not get caught taking photos of kids and then locked up).

As we know a cashless society is one of the main agendas of the NWO and this will probably be tested out with Estonia in the near future, and globally after they crash the dollar and euro.

But many “truthers” and “new world order protesters”  are actually pushing the NWO agenda along by purchasing and using smartphones………let me explain.

In recent weeks the below has all appeared…..nice and slowly as usual.

Visa has rolled out payWave using smart phones.

Paypal has launched its smartphone payment system, and other similar payment sites have turned up.

Now here is the kicker, as said in may, and now realised, ALL smartphones by law will be tracked, starting with the USA.     So cool groovy “I want convenience in my life so I can get home and watch TV ” dudes – you are marching at the front towards a tracked cashless society.

Some are even attending occupy movements (well, sitting in parks, not moving) with a smartphone…..heheh.   Better than sitting in a tent and making a sign so others can see it and like it (external observer needs), throw your smartphone in the bin, and if you are attached to it, the NWO has already got you, forget it and go home, you are off the chess board.


Most don’t care, they want to download apps, and think life is about administering short term fun-spikes to their kids instead of thinking about world they are going to inherit from them.

For those with a little more intelligence, invest in self development, useful skills, gold, and fresh water 🙂

over and out….