bank and tech…slippery slopes….

January 2, 2012
Mark aka waykiwayki

So, one knows the banks steal money, but people’s perception of what a bank is often times not objectively true.  They think of the high street, the branches, and their money and accounts.

But this is not what a banks objectively are.   The high street vendor buildings are just the front shops, the tips of the iceberg, the end point of the tentacle from the ugly toxic octupus.

The film Margin Call shows the 2008 collapse of the market, and presents what actually goes on at the high levels of banking; how they think, act, and conduct themselves.  Superbly acted and filmed too. The heads of these types of organisations all share these qualities.

It is more important and useful to change your bank to a local, co-operative, or ethical bank, rather than fluffying’ it up saying things like, “money is just energy, manifest abundance, tra-lee-la.”   But in saying that, it is a bit too late now and the finance system is doomed to fail, so investing in gold or fresh water is wise.

Another good film (made for just $35) is an independent one shown below that displays the dependency on technology in the collective consciousness, and the possible implications.

Relying on banks and tech are both dangerous, but this is a big subject……hence…

…..the new book project is progressing really well, news of which is coming soon 🙂



ps What is all this “the world celebrates new year”  ….so arrogant……a) the species is in no place yet to actually collectively celebrate, and b) much of the world live by other calendars.   Watch for the programming and conditioning.