The 2021 Economy Crash….from the mystical to the rational….

July 8, 2019
Mark aka waykiwayki

From some mystical experiences about 12 years ago, I saw that the economy was going to collapse.  Yes, I knew the toxic Central Bank model before, and I knew that Fiat currencies only last about 27 years on average, but in these experiences I actually saw and felt it.

Those close to me know what I’ve said for years, “That around 2021 the economic wobbles will really start.”

Now the rational material world is really starting to align with what I’ve been saying.

First off, Deutsche Bank today sent home 18,000 staff as they announced their dire problems.  They are near dead as a company.  Over-leveraged with debt and fake money.


So one of the worlds biggest banks is as good as dead, and it didn’t even make it to SkyNews home page.  lol.   Those that did report on it didn’t really explain.  You see, they don’t want you to know that all is no ok.  Carry on being a wage slave, get drunk, and get entertained.

Sidenote: Hopefully the 18,000 people do something useful with their carnation instead of selling, moving, and gambling debt.   Really bad for soul evolution.

The bosses have been recently leaving Deutsche Bank, and the shares are in freefall.


Secondly, other banks have been struggling since 2008, and have to cheat to survive. 
Recent fines for JUST the laundering of money, not even including the near one trillion dollars or so of fines for market-rigging.

Wachovia – $160m
Deutsche Bank – $670m
Bank of Australia – $700m
ING – $900m
Citigroup – $237m
Standard Chartered – $967m
Commerzbank – $1.45b
HSBC – $1.9b
JPMorgan – $2.05b

Banks are just complex laundramats.  Scum.  Scabs on the earth.  The people inside them are ill and in need of healing.  Prize Idiots.   Spinning Monkeys in a building selling debt….how can one get the human experience so wrong?

Ok – so lets look around and see what else looks dodgy…..

Germany, the largest EU nation, is almost at zero GDP growth and the ZEW (forecast) suggests its going to go negative to -2%.

Barclays also has problems (good).

In Spain, all the banks look terrible. The big one BBVA (yay).

In France the big Soc Gen bank is in trouble (awesome).

Credit Swisse not good (like).

UBS (Swiss Based).  (haha).

It’s all kind of circular and there are few circuit breakers.  Throw in heightened trade wars between EU/US (likely) and China/EU/US (happening) and you have a very big issue.  Throw in a war with Iran (being slowly pumped in the controlled media) and this all gets ramped up.

The knock on effects from Deutsche Bank dying are that the banks are all lining up to push the other of the Cliff of Death…and there isn’t a thing the ECB or FED can do about it, as they have only one mandate – inflation…..which increases the problems.  They are running out of levers to pull…..haha!  Funny huh?   Reducing rates won’t help them.

If you are “working” from someone for Fiat…...translate:  Being told what to do and when to do it for a dying piece of paper, then you really need to sit down and have a think.

I would go for land with clean water, crypto, and some gold/silver.     I have over 20 people who have come to me to understand entry into crypto – and there will come a time before 2022 where you will wish you had a re-think if you are 100% running around for Fiat, and/or 100% in fiat.   It’s dying, and in 2021 you will see the wobbles, and it won’t look pretty aesthetically….but it is needed…..and the economy crash will be a thing of beauty for many of us.   I saw it, I felt it…..and the wise man will be an observer and not a participant.

Arguments against Crypto can be used against cash as well.

Cash can’t be tracked.
Cash is used by criminals.
Cash is used to launder money.
Cash can be used to evade taxes.
Cash can be lost and unrecoverable.
They don’t hate Crypto, they just hate that you now have privacy.

Christine Legarde, the (super ugly) Managing Director of the IMF told CNBC recently,   “I think the role of the disruptors and anything that is using distributed ledger technology, whether you call it crypto, assets, currencies, or whatever … that is clearly shaking the system.”

Dollar is the currency of the state.
Libra is the currency of the corporations.
Crypto is the currency of the people.

Make your play, as you won’t get a second chance.

Ps –  If you are interested in the mechanics of the economy crashing – in real time, this channel will suit.