The Dreamspell “Day Out of Time” – is it a “Day Out of Thinking?”

July 24, 2010
Mark aka waykiwayki
At present I have about 10-15 blog articles flying around my head and I was resigned to the fact that I am too busy for another month or two…..until i saw too much Dreamspell “Day Out of Time” paraphernalia… an article was required.

Tomorrow is the “Day Out of Time” day from the Dreamspell calendar – a day where many new age and spiritual groups will get together and meditate and do other “collective” things.  Is this really a “Day Out of Thinking?”

Most people who use, or link to the Dreamspell calendar, think it is the Mayan Calendar because it uses the symbols of the Maya archetypal energies layed on top.  This is simply not true, it is NOT the Mayan Calendar.

We need to look at some truths behind this Dreamspell calendar, and hopefully others will before they throw their soul into something riddled with errors.

In 1990 Jose Arguelles – who is not Mayan, but author of some fluffy light spiritual books (and yes, I have read them),  invented the Dreamspell calendar based on 13 cycles of 28 moon days = 364 days.  The missing day to make up a solar year of 365 they managed to obtain by throwing in the “day out of time.”  Viola!

Now, the “Day Out of Time” is always 25th July – so therefore the calendar is a slave to the Gregorian Calendar – this is strange as the Dreamspell was invented to get away from the unnatural numbers of 12, 30, and 31, and away from the calendar that all business and low vibratory events are maintained by.

Some other things to note:
  • On a Gregorian Leap year (February 29th) the Dreamspell just stops for a day (freezes) so that it can maintain its 25th July “Day out of Time.”
  • The Maya never used 28 days for a lunar month, they measured the moon in sidereal days.
  • The Dreamspell rarely measures 13 complete moon cycles because the 25th July is very rarely a new moon.
  • The Dreamspell contains 13 day “Wavespells,” and 4 of these make up a 52 day “Castle” (see below),  There are 5 castles in total, giving us a 260 day (20×13) link to the true Mayan Calendar numbers within the sacred tzolkin calendar.
What a day, Wavespell, and Castle each mean was “made up” by Jose Arguelles!! 

More respectable true Mayan Calendar experts; Carl Calleman and John Major Jenkins have slammed the Dreamspell and the inventor Arguelles.   Also, some respectable Mayan elders have slammed it aswell.

If you watch some of Arguelles lectures on youtube, especially the prophetic ones you will see there is very little substance in there.  
If you wish to go deeper into the nuts and bolts of the errors with the Dreamspell and to see the inventors poor defence then check these out:

So how can i speak about the Dreamspell like this?  Well, 2 years ago I studied it and started to follow it and it meant nothing – for instance, today – 24th July says (see in red):


it really doesn’t mean much does it?  
Today (24th July) is really in the true Mayan Calendar date of    8Ahau,  which is a pretty average day in the calendar as there are no major Baktun, Katun, or Tun changes.    The 8Ahau energy of the day is nothing like this “Blue Electric Hand”  that was made up in 1990 either.

I lived with the TRUE Mayan Calendar in Guatemala for over 100 days with no Gregorian calendar entering my consciousness – this true ancient calendar has strong energies, and some that are extremely hot to handle.  Maybe the true calendar is just harder to study and not promoted at “rainbow groups.”  Maybe certain people do not want us tapping into the true calendar and therefore bombard us with the (shown below) attractive “Dreamspell imagery and logos” – more attractive than hardcore base 13 maths of the true Mayan Calendar.


I have been slammed for these opinions and told “I am stuck in duality of two calendars” and “adding negativity” – my response to this is that if one is to follow anything spiritually then surely one should know where it comes from and how it works?  I do not look to Jose Arguelles as a Guru, and do not wish to “follow” him, I don’t know enough about him, his books are lightweight, and I don’t know who he possibly works for – lest us remember much of the new age arena is controlled.   I don’t mind anyone using any system that helps one evolve but one needs to know that this Dreamspell stops people tapping into the true Mayan Calendar.


So why the article?  Well tomorrow many people will link up etherically and meditate upon a newly invented butchering of the true Mayan Calendar by a guy without too much substance – and pay for the pleasure too, I want to know where will all this spiritual energy will go?  Are the combine harvesters out?

It all just seems like a fractal of those who choose to be Christians without doing their research.
I’m just saying it how I see it, and if you want to believe a circumpolar rainbow bridge is coming in 2012 to lead us all into telepathic states (one of Arguelles prophecies) then who am I to tell you what to believe.

This calendar system blocks the path of humanity to the treasure of the true Mayan Calendar system”    Carl Calleman

With love and respect,

M x


  1. dreamfairy

    dont personally know too much about calenders etc. the end bit caught me though and just made me wonder what your personal views on 2012 are? x

  2. Mark aka waykiwayki

    Most of this is wrapped up in the new book – but what is most important is what it means to you.

    Some facts are: is the last date of the Maya Calendar and this is in October 2011 or December 2012 (depending on sources).

    The Maya knew of this date and "displayed it" often. (note this date was also in 3114 BC).

    The Maya Daykeepers only call it "a change, a marker, a gap, a gateway" …..drumroll, they dont know….too much time has passed.

    Illuminati controlled spiritual books are telling all to sit back and do nothing.

    Illuminati controlled Hollywood keeps pushing catacylsm into the collective consciousness.

    The way humans currently live on the planet is not sustainable, something needs to give.

    The electromagnetics of the sun and earth are getting a bit lively.

    The Globalisation empire is just another empire that comes and goes / ebbs and flows.

    My view is that in the next 10 years or so we will see massive change, there will probably be a catalyst or two, and the coming age of Aquarius plus the maya calendar are possibly markers for these changes – markers on the big clock so to speak.


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